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Pre-Announcement of Call for proposals on Climate Smart Agriculture

FACCE-JPI pre-announces the upcoming call for joint European research projects. The indicative total available budget amounts to 19M €. The call for pre-proposals is expected to open on the 1st of October 2013 with a closing date for preproposals on 2nd of December 2013.

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) brings together 21 countries who are committed to building an integrated European Research Area addressing the interconnected challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and impacts of climate change.
As an ERA-NET Plus action under the ERA-NET scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, the partner organisations listed in the table hereunder will launch a call for proposals with top-up funding from the European Commission (EC top-up funding of 4 M€).

Aim of the call

The main objective of this call is to support interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches on the adaptation of European agriculture to: i) incremental climate change and ii) to increased climatic variability.

Scientific scope

Climate smart agriculture has been defined as agriculture that sustainably increases productivity and resilience (adaptation), reduces greenhouse gases (mitigation), and enhances food security and development.The call addresses adaptation of European agriculture to climate change in its broad sense. Four areas are highlighted as key to advancing research in this area: i) genetics and breeding of animals and plants to increase resilience to climate change, ii) pests and diseases linked to climate and posing significant risks, iii) adaptive management of water and soil resources and iv) options for adapting agricultural systems. Projects could address these areas individually or in combination.


'The call invites proposals for collaborative research and development of transnational consortia of research organisations from at least 3 countries participating in the call. Participation of private sector is welcome subject to national eligibility rules. The duration of proposed projects may be up to 3 years. National eligibility rules, including the potential eligibility of SMEs, must be followed and will be published together with the call text on

Application procedures & Evaluation criteria

The submission of the proposal occurs online at
In a two-stage submission process, the planned work is first presented as a pre-proposal which is checked for national eligibility and evaluated by FACCE-JPI. The scientific evaluation of the pre-proposals will focus on:

  • the relevance of the project to FACCE-JPI objectives and its Strategic Research Agenda (especially Core Theme 4),
  • the relevance of the project to the aim and scope of this call
  • the European added value of the proposed project. Successful consortia at pre-proposal stage will be invited to submit a full proposal which will be evaluated by independent experts against a range of criteria:
  • Scientific and/or technological excellence - Quality of the transnational project
  • Quality and efficiency of the implementation and the management
  • Potential impact

For more information on the anticipated time schedule and call partners, please download the call pre-announcement.
For any questions regarding the call, please contact the FACCE-JPI call office.

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Creation date: 31 July 2013
Update: 31 July 2013


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