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Professor Margaret Gill (Chair of the SAB)

Margaret Gill
Maggie Gill is a former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government on Rural Affairs and the Environment. She is the Professor of Integrated Land Use at the University of Aberdeen, and also the chair of the CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC).

Margaret works 30% of her time as a Senior Research Fellow with the Agriculture team in DFID on secondment from the University of Aberdeen and a further 20% for the University on global food security. DFID is the UK Government's Department for International Development. Maggie Gill's role in DFID involves providing a constructive challenge to the existing evidence base on agriculture and food security in developing countries, as well as advising on ways to strengthen the links between the science and policy at national, regional and international levels.

Maggie's career has included both research and research management starting with livestock production and moving on to the interface between agriculture and the environment and natural resource management issues. Her research has included collaboration with scientists in Australasia, North America and a number of developing countries. She worked for the Grassland Research Institute (which evolved into IGER) for 13 years before moving into international development in 1989. After 11 years of research, research management and ultimately as Chief Executive of Natural Resources International Ltd. (1996-2000), a company which was 'spun out' of the privatisation of the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), an Executive Agency of the Overseas Development Administration. Maggie returned to Scotland as Chief Executive and Director of Research at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in Aberdeen (2000-2006). She has a Sixth Century Chair in Integrated Land Use, Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen, UK