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Belmont Forum hosted a town Hall at AGU

8-10 december 2018 - Washington

Project teams from three different Belmont Forum CRA’s came together for a valorization event in Washington, DC on 8-10 December 2018. The event marked the end-term valorization for the joint Belmont Forum – FACCE-JPI Food Security and Land Use Change projects, who were able to transfer knowledge and connect with mid-term participants from the Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability and Mountains of Sentinels of Change cohorts. The group was not just global, but also very productive, as they were able to develop with the IAN facilitation team a 16-page synthesis document over the weekend! The document will be made available on the Belmont Forum website in early 2019. Thanks to all who made this an invaluable engagement.

Contact : Caroline Lesser, FACCE-JPI Secretariat,

Erica Key : Belmont Forum Secretartiat,

Alexandre Rocatto : FAPESP, Brazil