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Valorisation workshop on climate

22nd March - Brussels

To demonstrate the impact and added-value of FACCE-JPI work, and the relevance and value of FACCE-JPI projects, the research outcomes need to be better matched to European and international policies.

The research from FACCE-JPI can contribute to national, EU and international policies on agriculture, food security and climate change and this policy dialogue will be important and necessary for the FACCE-JPI research to show an impact on the global societal challenge.

In order for FACCE-JPI to achieve its goal of aligning research for societal impact, as well as to increase FACCE visibility, research results need to feed into policy to allow evidence-based decision making. Therefore, the members of FACCE-JPI agreed to take the major European and global policies into account in implementing its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

Climate issues and the follow-up of COP were identified among the major policies where FACCE could contribute. Climate within the agricultural and food sector is a central concern of FACCE-JPI since its inception. There are already a number of ongoing activities with a strong focus on climate aspects which can provide a solid foundation for FACCE’s post-COP 21 agenda.

To perform content-wise grouping of results from the funded projects, as well as to engage a more active interaction with relevant stakeholders, it is proposed to organise this work through series of workshops, starting by the first pilot valorisation workshop on climate.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To build a dialogue and common understanding between the climate-related policy needs and research results from funded FACCE-JPI projects related to climate;
  • To identify the most urgent climate policy needs for which FACCE-JPI funded projects could contribute and identify projects whose results could feed into these needs;

To build teams of researchers and stakeholders who could combine relevant climate policy questions with the results from different projects in order to co-construct key ideas / key-messages to be further developed as policy brief(s). Other more tailored outputs might be considered (for example, practice brief)

A brochure on the FACCE-JPI originating climate-related projects has been published. Please download the draft brochure here.