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the FACCE-JPI workshops “Technologies” and “Big Data"

21 & 22 November 2017 - Copenhagen

The FACCE-JPI exploratory workshops on “Technologies” and “Big Data” were held back to back in Copenhagen.

Aalborg University Copenhagen
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 København SV

21 November 2017: FACCE-JPI Workshop on Technologies

Fostering the adoption of existing (and emerging) technologies for primary production in the context of climate change that are on the edge of being mature but not yet widely adopted

The FACCE-JPI workshop on technologies brings together researchers, stakeholders and policy makers and will deliver a report and recommendations identifying next steps to the FACCE-JPI GB.

Expected outcomes are:

  • A list of proposed key actions and topics to be potentially addressed by FACCE-JPI in its next Implementation Plan.
  • Possible opportunities for networks on technologies to increase awareness within the agricultural research sector
  • A better mutual understanding of the barriers and constraints which hinder the adoption of new technologies by the agricultural industry, stakeholder (groups) and farmers.

Further information:

See also:
Report of the FACCE-JPI Workshop on Technologies: Final Report
22 November 2017: FACCE-JPI Workshop on Big Data

Identifying the potential role of big-data for food security with a focus on collecting data, translating data into information, and promoting and facilitating use of the information by end-users (incl. via open data/knowledge policies)

This priority was identified by the FACCE-JPI Governing Board for inclusion in the 2016-2018 Implementation Plan as a subject for an exploratory workshop to identify the key big data issues in FACCE-JPI’s remit (the intersection of agriculture, food security and climate change) and to explore what role FACCE-JPI can take in realising the potential of big data both through its existing and future research projects (e.g. maximising the use of data generated; providing guidelines on data management) and through taking action to address some of the challenges addressed in this paperidentified in FACCE-JPI’s remit.  The paper serves to set the landscape and identify the key questions that could be considered at the workshop.

Further information:

Background paper Workshop on Big Data


See also

Report of the FACCE-JPI Workshop on BIG DATA: Final report