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FACCE-JPI European and International Cooperation Strategy

FACCE-JPI adopted a new European and International Strategy to address the global challenges of sustainable agriculture and food security in the face of climate change in a more effective way.

Members of the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) adopted a new European/International Strategy (2016-2020) in December 2015. The European and International Strategy aims to:

  • Promote greater complementarity and structuring of research at European and international levels to address global challenges in a more effective way;
  • Improve the international visibility FACCE-JPI and enhance the impact of aligned European research on European policymaking and innovation; and
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and mutual learning with similar research initiatives in other regions of the world.

More specific annual Action Plans will be developed by the FACCE-JPI Secretariat to facilitate and prioritise the roll-out of this Strategy in the context of the FACCE-JPI Implementation Plans .

Please find the Executive Summary of the European and International Strategy here.

FACCE-JPI is a Partner of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural GHG since January 2017.

What’s new ?

  • FACCE-JPI discusses possible new programmatic collaboration with the Belmont Forum during the Belmont Forum/ ANR Food Security and Safety Collaborative Research Action Scoping Workshop (10 November 2017)
  • FACCE-JPI participates in the PRIMA Networking Event to discuss possible synergies between the two initiatives (8 November 2017)
  • FACCE-JPI explores possible themes and modalities for cooperation with the EC’s Joint Research Centre (10 October 2017)
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada joins the FACCE-JPI SusCrop ERA-NET as an Associate Party (October 2017)
  • FACCE-JPI participates as a Partner in the annual GRA Council Meeting (29-30 August 2017)
  • The FACCE-JPI Governing Board holds a special session on EU and International Cooperation with representatives from the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural GHG (GRA), the Network for Research Collaboration on Sustainable Temperate Agriculture (TempAg), the Belmont Forum, the PRIMA Initiative and JPI Climate to discuss avenues for cooperation in the context of the forthcoming FACCE-JPI Implementation Plan 2018-2020 (2 June 2017)
  • FACCE-JPI participates in the GRA Livestock Research Group meeting in Washington D.C. (10-12 April 2017)
  • FACCE-JPI participates in the TempAg Network Governing Board meeting (1 Feb. 2017) to discuss potential cooperation with its members