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FACCE is co-organizing a side-event in Plovdiv together with the SCAR SWG on food systems and the JPIs HDHL and Oceans

Future-Proofing Food Systems –joint workshop between SCAR Food Systems Strategic Working Group and JPIs: HDHL and FACCE and JPI OCEANS The Agricultural University of Plovdiv (BG) 13th June 2018 from 13:45 to 17:30

Future-proofing food systems is central to Food and Nutrition Security (FNS). It is a complex issue, which requires the integration of scientific and technical research fields across geographic areas and timescales and the involvement of socio- economic as well as policy communities.  At a global level, this is highlighted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in Europe through the FOOD 2030 policy framework.

FNS bridges a number of Societal Challenges; it encompasses the entire food system (land and sea) from farm to fork. Coordination is needed to bring together different research domains and national and international research investments and to ensure involvement of key actors (consumers, primary producers, industry etc.); to stimulate innovation and implementation.

To contribute to this coordination the SCAR Strategic Working Group (SCAR FS SWG) on Food Systems will provide strategic intelligence and orientation by integrating and analysing the different regional, national, European and international initiatives in place. This will allow for sharing of best practices, knowledge and data, and stimulate the standardization and harmonization of data gathering, monitoring and R&I policy alignment within and amongst SCAR Member States.

In their Strategic Research Agendas, each Joint Programming Initiative (FACCE, HDHL and OCEANS) has identified different aspects of this challenge. The three JPIs have joined forces in relation to FNS to coordinate efforts in this area. Strong stakeholder involvement in JPIs will facilitate knowledge flow from research towards practice.

This workshop between the SCAR Food Systems and the three JPIs HDHL, FACCE and OCEANS, aims to build on the concrete results of the SCAR FS SWG and the collaboration between the three JPIs.

The objective of the workshop is to set the direction and to decide what the next steps are for future-proofing food systems by increasing the impact of R&I programming and funding. To do so, the following questions will be discussed:

  • How to address the identified R&I (investments) gaps based on the mapping results of the SCAR FS SWG and the joint paper on FNS of the three JPIs.
  • How to optimise the collaboration between the SCAR FS SWG and JPIs to develop and promote  a food system approach  



The results of this workshop should feed into the strategic and operational plans of the SCAR FS SWG and the three JPIs. Furthermore, the information obtained can feed into FP9.

Please register for the workshop at: