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Call Pre-Announcement: Novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of animal production systems

Joint Call Pre-Announcement
The ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS, SusAn and ICT-AGRI 2 will launch a Joint Call addressing the challenge of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation in animal production. The call will be funded by at least 16 countries.

Rationale: The agricultural sector, and animal production, faces challenges in meeting the demand for high quality protein while contributing to the reduction in GHG emissions envisaged in the 2015 Paris Agreement. This transition towards greater sustainability requires all relevant economic, social and environmental dimensions to be taken into account. Using innovative livestock management, novel technologies, solutions and systems including ICT, decision support tools, robotics and intelligent data analyses can help achieve these goals.

Scope: We invite proposals from transnational, multidisciplinary research consortia integrating novel technologies, solutions and systems into the animal production sector to mitigate GHG emissions from animal production and/or improve monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of livestock emissions. We call for approaches that consider animal production systems (excluding aquaculture or fur animals) and their management and impacts up- or downstream along the value chain.
The call topics will relate to animal production systems, including feed chain, manure management, nitrogen excretion and integrated approaches to animal production systems with respect to GHG emissions. Proposals including ICT aspects will be strongly preferred.

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