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5th announcement: International Crop Modelling Symposium “Crop Modelling for Agriculture and Food Security under Global Change”

iCROPM2016 fifth announcement
International Crop Modelling Symposium “Crop Modelling for Agriculture and Food Security under Global Change”, 15-17 March 2016, Berlin, Germany. Co-Chairs: F Ewert (Bonn Univ.), K Boote (Univ. of Florida), RP Rötter (Luke), P Thorburn (CSIRO). Local host: ZALF, C Nendel.

Agriculture, global change and food security are closely interrelated and are of increasing concern to society. Plant production is the most important primary process to obtain biomass for use as food and feed. Efforts to understand plant production and impacts on food and feed supply under a changing environment increasingly rely on mathematical models and data to develop and improve them.

Additional demands on crop modelling are posed by integrated assessment modelling of agricultural systems. While progress has been made in crop and grassland modelling particularly in recent years in larger international programs such as AgMIP, MACSUR and CCAFS, a number of challenges still remain.

Therefore, the aims of the symposium are to review the recent advances in modelling crops and grasslands to support improved agricultural production and food security under global change. Also, the symposium aims to identify key challenges and the future role of crop modelling.

General Programme (main sessions):

1. Improvement of crop models and modelling approaches - Chair: S. Asseng (UF, US)
2. Linking crop models and genetics - Chair: G. Hammer (UQ, AU)
3. Crop modelling for risk/impact assessment - Chair: C. Nendel (ZALF, DE)
4. Expanding and supporting modelling activities - Chair: J. E. Olesen (AU, DK)

Please see more information on the 5th announcement flyer and the symposium website.

Registration for the event ends January 31, 2016.

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